Colombia, United Kingdom

Louis currently works at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom, teaching postgraduate students at the Durham Global Security Institute.  Louis has a doctoral degree in international development from the University of Birmingham and a master’s degree in conflict, security, and development at the same university. His research focuses on the possible links between state reconstruction practice and initiatives for reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Louis specializes in the fields of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and transitional justice, focusing specifically on approaches to reconciliation in post-conflict societies and their relation with processes of state-building. Louis has previously worked for various Bosnian-based organizations, including The Post-Conflict Research Center, Center for Peacebuilding Sanski Most and the Nansen Dialogue Center Prijedor. He has also worked as a teacher of conflict and social reconstruction at the University of Birmingham, as a guest lecturer at Aston University in the United Kingdom as well as worked as a human rights consultant in Bogotá, Colombia.

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