Seida Sarić has been the Country Director of Women for Women International in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1998 and has helped more than 13,000 women rebuild their lives after surviving rape, forced impregnation, ethnic cleansing, and abuse as tools of war during the conflict in the 1990s. For more than three years, Seida and her sisters lived under siege in Sarajevo and she risked her life on a daily basis to provide emergency services to her fellow countrymen who were trapped inside the city. Under Sarić’s leadership, Women for Women International in BiH has implemented a program that provides direct financial assistance, rights education, vocational skills training, and income-generating opportunities from women throughout the country. Through this program, women are able to acquire skills and finance for individual growth and can develop a communal growth and understanding through the coming together of various religions and ethnic groups. Sarić and her staff identify the need for women from the varying groups to meet, tell their stories, and identify their similarities as a means of peacebuilding. Sarić additionally oversees Women for Women International’s largest, most successful microcredit program, which has provided loans to nearly 11,700 women and totals approximately $21.9 million. Before coming to Women for Women International Sarić worked at Save the Children and Care International in various capacities. Her educational background spans from engineering to economics.

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