Crucial to the establishment and maintenance of a just society is the promotion and prioritization of human rights principles through practices, behaviors, and attitudes. Securing impartial, objective, and independent transitional justice mechanisms is of the utmost importance for post-conflict recovery and the prevention of future human rights abuses. We believe undertaking this work both locally and regionally is the only way to create sustainable and prosperous post-conflict societies which ultimately reflect these values.

We train and support local organizations in monitoring risk factors associated with intergroup violence and mass atrocities. We also train organizations on when and how to sound the alarm if situations worsen. We are determined to expand the support we give to local early conflict mitigation and prevention systems, and to organizations and coalitions who focus on preventing and stopping localized threats and manifestations of violence before they escalate. Additionally, we work to establish and promote local-level democratization initiatives, particularly those that connect young people to local civil society.