Magic Village

Initial Release: In Production
Produced By: PCRC and Pinch Media

Magic Village delves into the lives of three Roma women: Murada, Gucci and Nina. During the Bosnian War, Murada was kidnapped and sold to Italian mafia when she was still just a child. After being abducted and raped, she was forced into prostitution in Rome. 20 years later, Murada has returned to Bosnia and has been diagnosed with HIV.  She now lives on the edge of society with her only son Paolo. Gucci, a young heroin addict from the same village as Murada must prostitute herself each night in the suburbs of Sarajevo. She suffered a similar fate to Murada, kidnapped and taken to Italy where she was she forced into prostitution. Nina is a 12 year-old girl who has recently been kidnapped in front of a school in the very same village where Murada and Gucci were taken.